Hello, New Friends!

Please take a moment to read about us and our musical family!

Miss Anna's Music School is a studio based in Fords, NJ.  We are happy to share with you and your children our love of music and show you how music can enrich your lives.

Our Classes

We offer one on one instruction on guitar, piano, voice, and ukulele.  It's highly possible one on one lessons are why you're here - and that's great!  One on one lessons are our favorite.  Individualized instruction is one of the best ways to learn an instrument.  We can custom tailor each lesson to your child's musical interests and learning style, ensuring that they get the best possible experience.  Our teachers are available Mondays through Saturdays.

We also offer a number of different kinds of group classes that can serve as a great music experience for your child on their own, or as a great compliment to one on one lessons.

On Saturdays, we have buddy classes on guitar or ukulele for students of all ages and abilities.  Buddy classes are a great way to introduce students to the instrument while making some friends in the process!  These classes can currently run online or in-person, and have a max of 2 students who can sign up for one slot.  When things finally return to normal, our buddy classes will convert back to our group classes, with 4 - 5 students allowed per class.

On Tuesday nights we hold our unique online class called Rockstar 101.  This class covers the extra - yet sometimes crucial - musicianship skills that will round out your child's music education.  Skills that can help them improvise, learn music faster, compose, or pick up and start playing a song they just heard on the radio - basically, the stuff that makes them a real Rockstar musician!  Skills like sight reading/sight singing, aural skills and more.  This class is open to students of all ages and abilities, and does incorporate singing for the exercises and repertoire.  This class is a great complement to your child's one on one lessons, or is a good stand-alone for students interested in singing, but not quite sure if they're ready for voice lessons.

Finally, one of our most unique music experiences is for the youngest of all our budding musicians.  If your 4 - 8-year-old child is interested in a fun musical time, bring them to Buddy Rock on Wednesdays or Thursdays.  Buddy Rock is a great way for youngsters to get started with music.  With this program, kids get to try out keyboards, guitar and even drums!  Kids meet every week to play and rehearse together, working towards an actual live rock show every few months.  The best part about Buddy Rock is there's no extra gear to purchase and no need for practicing - all of the work -- we mean, all of the FUN happens in class with our friends in the band!

Our Crew

Our Director and Captain of the Ship is Miss Anna Lawrence.  She is a piano, guitar and voice instructor, but more importantly, she is a passionate educator who has been teaching in the area since 2002.  She has taught (and continues to teach) at a Catholic School in the area, managing general music classes and after school, by-audition singing groups.  She believes that "music is a gift, a blessing, a treasure, an art, and a practice, which requires passion, dedication, and responsibility. Yes, even a six-year-old can learn to shoulder six-year-old sized responsibility. But above all, music is FUN. Music is JOY. And allowing that to fuel our learning, I believe my students and I can accomplish anything through music that we set our minds to."

Will Genovese is our guitar instructor.  He brings almost 20 years of teaching experience with him to MAMS.  A graduated of City College with a degree in Music Education, Will has performed across the NY and NJ area, both solo and in ensembles such as the Hunterdon Hills Orchestra and Esteem Entertainment.  Will is well versed in many different styles of guitar, from classic rock to classical, from jazz to flamenco, so he is equipped to lead your budding musician on any musical journey they wish to undertake.

Mathew Tartza is a voice and piano instructor who graduated from Kean University with a degree in music performance.  As a voice teacher, he focuses on establishing a solid foundation of healthy vocal technique, especially for adolescent singers. Mathew strives to tailor lessons toward students’ interests and musical goals.  He encourages students to find appropriate repertoire that truly interests them, helping them develop their own tastes in music which will keep them inspired to work hard.

At Miss Anna's Music School, we go on adventures and explorations through music, and we encourage students to play!   Not "until they are good enough." And not "because they will be a music teacher someday."  But because music performance and music appreciation are gifts and skills that will follow you for the rest of your days, and help make the journey of life a more enjoyable one.

Does this sound like the kind of school you would want to be a part of?

Then please, fill out our New Student Signup Form and someone will contact you shortly!  Still need to know more?  Check out our Studio Policies page.