Upcoming Events

Upcoming events, important dates, and other fun stuff for our MAMSfam!

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See our Teachers (and studio friends) Perform Live!

If there's a great performance coming up soon that we think your family would love to check out, we'll post it here.  And as always, check here for info on our teachers' performances.  They are all active members of the NJ music community!

Miss Anna
Saturday, October 3, 6 - 7:30pm - Ruby Kitchen, Amboy Ave. Edison, NJ

Thursday November 5, 7 - 10pm - Hailey's Harp, Main St. Metuchen, NJ

Every Wednesday, 6 - 9pm - Torino Restaurant, New St. Metuchen, NJ

Spring Recital - Mother's Day Weekend/Father's Day Weekend TBD

If our school year were a TV show, then the Spring Recital would be the season finale!  Since we have grown and want to make sure the maximum number of our students participate, we are splitting our recitals onto two dates.  Our first round of recitals will be the Saturday of Mother's Day weekend, and the second round will be the Saturday of Father's Day weekend.  Please check your calendar and be sure to hold one of those days open so our budding musicians all get the chance to shine!

Specific details on each recital (when, where, what, etc) will be available a few months in advance at the studio.

What's the dress code?  Be neat and clean, and as fancy as you'd like.  Please try to stay away from sneakers and jeans.  Also be sure you can play your instrument with your concert clothes on - do a test run a few weeks before to double check.  Long hanging sleeves may distract our ladies, and a shirt and tie that's too tight could restrict our young gents.

Summer Session - Camps, classes and special events oh my! Miss Anna's Music School

The Summer Session at MAMS is a time of exploration!  Students are encouraged to attend the different camps and other special events throughout the summer.  The camp schedule gets published around February each year - we anticipate camps getting sold out so if you want to attend a class, be sure to reserve your spot early!

Also look forward to the August Rush practice challenge, where there are weekly and monthly surprises for our top practicers.  With some students coming in and out for vacations, who's to say that just because you didn't make it to the top 5 one week, you won't make it the next!! It's anybody's game!