My Music Staff

My Music Staff is a great service that we use here at the Music School to streamline scheduling and payment. To be able to manage your scheduling, pay online and see other lesson related notes, please log in below. And if you don't have a log in (but feel like you should!), then please drop us a line!

My Music Staff

What can you do at My Music Staff?

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Your dashboard basically summarizes info that can also be found in the Calendar, Studio News, Attendance and Notes, Library and Downloads, Practice Log and Repertoire. At a glance you can see when your next lesson is, how much time you've practiced, what your attendance looks like and any studio announcements that might be important to share, but not big enough for a newsletter blast.


this will show you your lessons and classes plus any open events, for example, open lesson times to sign up for the Summer Session. In the future, you will be able to RSVP to events like our Winter Coffeehouse and the Spring Recital (and pay the recital fee) through the calendar as well.

Studio Info / Studio News

the Info section includes the studio contact information and your teacher's name and contact info. Studio News will collect all my small announcements through the year in one set place.

Account and Invoices

this is where you'll see a list of all charges and payments, and a running tally of your balance at the school. You can make payments from this page either as we go, or set up automatic payment to run every month.

Attendance and Notes

a list of your attendance and also any notes sent specifically to you.

Library and Downloads

this is a great feature but we mostly won't really be using it, as I like to support music publishers and composers by purchasing all the books we use.

Practice Log / Repertoire

you can log the minutes your child practices through this section of the website as an alternative (or in addition to) logging it in their notebooks. Remember, I do also use the app Practicia (on iPhone only for now) so you can record practice sessions and send them to me - which will be something great for the summer months when I am not around. The Repertoire section keeps track of what the student is working on - considering I already do this through Practicia and in their notebooks, we will probably not use this tab much.

Email History

a great log of every email generated through the website (usually sent when you make a payment or we make a scheduling change).

Take some time to peruse My Music Staff (also, please double check that all your contact info is complete and correct).  It will become a really helpful tool moving forward.