Red Hot Rockstar Classses!

Rockstar 101 is a program we’ve been running since the beginning of the pandemic, and we’ve been having a lot of fun!  This group class is for students ages 8 and up, and students can have any amount of experience on any instrument – piano, guitar, voice or ukulele – or maybe they’re a total beginner and haven’t done a single lesson yet!  It doesn’t matter – we can almost guarantee your child will have fun making new friends and learning about music.

Each week we learn musicianship skills that will round them out as players – things like ear training, sight-reading, learning solfege, and a little bit of rhythm and theory review.  All of these are important skills that musicians learn along the way – having a class devoted just to this work will give these kids an edge and make them TRUE rockstars!  At the end of class, we always do a bit of singing.  Right now we’re working on a few classic summer bops and we have a ton of fun with them!  It’s basically a party where we are also, oh yeah, learning how to be amazing musicians!  Rockstar 101 meets on Wednesdays at 6:00, online, and the monthly tuition is $40.  You will need a Skype account to join the class.

Why do we call it Rockstar 101?  When you think of all the cool things that rockstars can do – write a song, improvise a cool solo, read down a sheet of music, or start playing along with a song on the radio, they’re relying on a lot of basic musicianship skills that we sometimes don’t get to in our regular lessons.  Your teachers didn’t even develop some of these skills until they went to college!  Joining this class will definitely give your child a cool musical edge, and make them the well rounded rockstar they’ve always wanted to be.

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