New Classes Starting December 1

There’s always something new happening at Miss Anna’s, and December is no exception.  We’re kicking off a few new classes this month, will we be seeing you at one of them some day soon?

On Saturdays we’re starting a new session of Beginning Guitar for both kids and adults.  Group classes are a fun way to get into playing an instrument while in a relaxed social setting.

Our kid class is open to beginners from ages 7 – 13 and is held first thing in the morning at 9 am (don’t worry, parents, we have complimentary coffee at the studio!).  Our adult class, geared towards the over 21 crowd, is at 12 noon.  If you have a student who’s somewhere between 13 and 21, please contact us about placement.

Guitar classes meet for 45 minutes, and tuition is $28 per month.

Our Junior Choir program is growing on Friday evenings!  Our first section of Junior Choir is full so we’re offering another section at 4:15pm.  Junior Choir is for students aged 7 – 10 with an interest in singing.  That age is a little too young for serious one on one lessons, but it’s a great age to start learning the fundamentals of music while being introduced to the basics of good vocal technique.  The students have been enjoying fun vocal warm ups and seasonal songs, plus some simple rounds.  If you’ve got a little singer bouncing around your house, we look forward to them joining us!

If you’ve got a singer in your house who’s a little older, our Teen Choir is now accepting students aged 11 and up.  We meet on Thursday nights and are already preparing for a few performance opportunities in the early spring.  Teen Choir meets at 8pm.

Junior and Teen Choir meet for 45 minutes and tuition is $28 per month.

Finally, on Wednesdays, we have rock bands for our littlest music makers.  Kidzrock is a unique program for students aged 4 – 8 who are new to music but are looking for an exciting music experience.  No experience is necessary but they’ll be rocking out on the very first day!  Kids get to learn guitar, keyboards or even the drums, pick a band name, sing rock songs (geared specifically towards their age group) and even perform in rock concerts throughout the year.  We’re starting a new class of rockers on Wednesdays at 5:00pm.

Kidzrock meets for 45 – 50 minutes and tuition is $80 per month.

For our Kidzrock classes it is important to jump in on the first day of class to not miss a thing.  Students don’t need to buy any instruments or gear so all the playing and learning happens together in class.  Students interested in group guitar or choir can come any time. Guitar students do need to bring their own guitar, but all music for all classes will be provided by us.  Join us at the beginning of December or come as late as mid-January.  We’ll be happy to see you!

Call us at 732-860-5846 or email if you have any questions.  If you know you are ready to get started, please fill out our New Student Info Form and we can get you on our schedule!


Join the Choir!

Singing is a fun and joyful activity, and we’re going to be doing a lot of it this school year!

We are happy to announce that our choir program is growing at MAMS.  Last year saw the start of our Teen Choir, open to students aged 13 and up.  This year, we are adding a Junior Choir,  for students aged 7 – 12 who have an interest in singing.  We are also opening up our Teen Choir to any of our students’ parents or other young adults who would like to join (if the group grows enough we will split off to a Senior Choir next year).

Choir will be a great group for you to join if you love to sing but either don’t have time or are not ready for one on one voice lessons.  Our classes will not just be rehearsals for performances, but will be educational as well with our teachers – Mathew and Miss Anna – instructing students on things like proper breath support, good posture, and music theory basics.  If at any time a student wants to add on one on one lessons, we look forward to adding you to our roster!

Singing just for the joy of it is one of the greatest things you can do.  Singing in groups can encourage a real sense of belonging, open you up to making new friends, boost your confidence, and improve your social and communication skills.  Singing has also been shown to be a natural anti-depressant, a stress reliever, an immune system booster, and may even help to stave off the effects of Alzheimer’s disease!  So what are you waiting for??

Teen Choir meets Thursdays, starting October 4, from 7 – 7:45.  Junior Choir meets Fridays, starting October 5, from 5 – 5:45.  Tuition for each class is $28 per month. If one of these options sounds interesting to you, give us a call!  We would be happy to set up a time for you to tour the studio, learn more about choir, and sign up to get started!

Call us at 732-860-5846 or email  If you know you are ready to get started, please fill out our New Student Info Form and we can get you on our schedule!

We are located at 517 New Brunswick Ave. in Fords, NJ.  We are diagonally across from Quick Chek, and share a parking lot with Seeman Chiropractic (the driveway is to the left of our building).  There is also street parking on New Brunswick Ave.

Join the Choir

Here comes choir!  If you’re a singer of any ability in 5th – 12 grade, we cordially invite you to join us in making some beautiful music on Thursday nights!

Students in choir will learn the basics of singing – good posture, breath support, proper vowel placement and more – in a relaxed group setting.  If you have a child who has been interested in singing but not yet ready – or interested in – one on one voice lessons, then choir will be perfect for them!  We will learn the basics through easy to learn choir warm ups; fun, beautiful (and sometimes funny) rounds and canons, and some great (to be determined) repertoire.

Has your child has been singing for years? Or have they never sung outside of the comfort of their own home?  They are both welcome to join us as we sing and grow together as one group.

Choir meets on Thursday nights from 7:45 – 8:30, and tuition is $25 per month.  If you are a current MAMS student, sign up through the My Music Staff portal (when signing up on the event on March 1, be sure to set that you will attend every meeting of the choir).  If you are not yet a current student, please visit our New Student Sign Up page to join in the fun!

Calling all Choristers!

MAMS is starting a choir!

If you are in 6th through 12th grade and enjoy singing, you may be interested in joining the new MAMS choir.

Rehearsals will run from January to mid-April, culminating in a short performance at the Mid-Atlantic Music Teachers Guild’s Spring Festival.  The goal is to participate in the Festival’s Ensemble Showcase, where the students will be critiqued by music professionals from around the East Coast and perform for other students and their families.  The whole weekend is a great weekend to experience, and the Ensemble Showcase is great fun!

Interested students should get in touch with us (comment here, private message on Facebook or email us directly) for more information on fees and scheduling.  We are trying to find a time when the maximum amount of students can participate!