Welcome Will Genovese!

Miss Anna might be cool and all, but there’s only so many hours a day she can teach.  Now that MAMS is in a new space with great visibility, demand for music lessons is growing, and one teacher just can’t keep up.

So it is with much excitement that we are happy to welcome a new teacher to our MAMS family, Will Genovese.  Will is an established, experienced guitar instructor, well-versed in many styles, from rock to classical and almost everything in between.  A graduated of City College with a degree in Music Education, Will has performed across the NY and NJ area, both solo and in ensembles such as the Hunterdon Hills Orchestra and Esteem Entertainment.

Miss Anna has known Will for many years, and even took lessons from him at one point to learn more about flamenco style guitar playing.  There are very few teachers that she trusts to join the school at this early stage in our history, and Will is definitely on that list.  It is our hope that you will enjoy learning with Will just as much as you have enjoyed lessons with Miss Anna over the years.

To welcome our new guitar instructor, we invite all interested guitar students and their families to a special event on Saturday, March 3.  Following a brief performance by Will, students may sign up for a 20 minute trial lesson.  If students like his style, parents are welcome to sign up their children to become one of his students.  He will be teaching at the studio on Saturday afternoons and Monday nights.  Refreshments will be served.

Attendance is free but we ask that you reserve your spot before March 1 by emailing us at missannasmusicschool@gmail.com.

See you next Saturday night!

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