Our fundraising campaign has begun!

The time is now!

If you are a student at Miss Anna’s Music School, or would like to be one in the future, or used to be one at some point in the past (I’ve been teaching for quite awhile by now), or if you simply appreciate all the hard work I do with kids and want to help me bring my education game to the next level, please consider donating.  Every little bit helps.

All money raised will go towards our security deposit and first month’s rent, a beautiful baby grand piano for the kids, and then furniture/office supplies/music supplies/etc (in that order).  The more we collect, the sooner this becomes a reality!

There are perks for all you wonderful campaign backers, at every level.  There are perks geared towards friends and students, and a few perks geared towards business owners and those who can afford to donate a little more.  Check it out!

Visit our campaign page at: http://igg.me/at/mams

And if you can’t donate at this time, please share with your friends!