New Year Play-a-Thon Wrap Up

Can I just stop and tell you how fantastic my students are?

Well, they’re pretty super fantastic.

When our Play-a-Thon wrapped up, and with a few extra donations added in, our final donation to Elijah’s Promise in New Brunswick, NJ, totaled $319.80.  Students practiced 96 hours and 36 minutes to make it happen.

A group of our top practicers was with me to present our donation to the crew at the Elijah’s Promise Soup Kitchen.  It was a great chance for the students to see the facilities and the people that our donation helped!

I look forward to running this event next year, with – hopefully – even more dedicated practicing now that we’ve seen how it all adds up in the end!  Thank you to all the students who practiced, and all the parents who encouraged their children on!  We really made a difference!