Are you up for a challenge?

A little healthy competition never hurt anybody… and that’s exactly what will be happening April 24 at Miss Anna’s Music School!

In the absence of the MAMTG Spring Festival for 2021, we wanted to keep our students in competition-shape by offering a little challenge of our own.

Students of all ages and abilities on all instruments are invited to participate in this studio-wide event.

The journey begins when your child and their teacher decide on a piece of music appropriate for their level.  Then it’s time to engage beast mode as your budding musician dives into preparing their piece.  When competition day comes around, it will be up to the student to perform the piece to the best of their ability.  All students will be evaluated and given a score out of 100.  The top 3 students in each group will earn a trophy!  The students in first place in each category will be invited to participate in a Winners’ Recital at a later date (following whatever Covid restrictions are in place at that time).

All students will receive their evaluation sheet from the judges once the competition is over.  In a way, the evaluation can be even more valuable than a trophy (though trophies are nice, too!) – it’s nice to hear what your strengths are and incredibly helpful to hear what your weaknesses may be.  Growth can only come if we know where to do the work, and while our students and their teachers work hard every week to improve, it can also be incredibly insightful to hear from an outside source.

So… are you up for the challenge?  Here are the details.

In the next few weeks, students and their teachers can discuss the competition material and where they might best fit.  Students can immediately start working on music without committing to participate yet.

When you are ready to say yes, please fill out a registration form and send in the registration fee.  All forms and fees must be received by March 1.  (Fees will go towards securing outside judges for the weekend and other costs).

Once all the registration forms are in, the schedule will be made.  For students participating in person, you will be assigned a time to come to the studio on either Saturday, April 24, or Sunday, April 25.  Please keep both dates open for now.  The schedule will be finalized by the end of March, which will still give you a month’s notice.

For students who would rather participate online, videos must be submitted by April 17.  Instructions on how to submit will be provided.

All winners will be announced in a Facebook Live from the Miss Anna’s Music School Facebook Page on the evening of Sunday, April 25.  Trophies will be available for pickup that week.

What if your child is not currently a student at Miss Anna’s Music School?  All students are welcome to participate!  Email us at missannasmusicschool (at) gmail (dot) com for more information.  And hey, if you aren’t currently taking lessons but would like to, we can talk about that, too!

And one last question probably on a lot of parents’ minds – what if this event can’t happen in person because of Covid?  

If 2020 has taught me anything, it’s to come up with a Plan B, and even a Plan C and D! (I think my Christmas program actually followed Plan E by the time we finally published it).

In the event that we face another shut down in New Jersey, all submissions will be made with pre-recorded videos and reviewed by our judges.  The winners will still be announced on April 25.

Any questions?  Ask in the comments!  And be sure to bring it up with your child.  If they’re ready for the challenge, they can let their teacher know and get started working on music immediately!

Our Store is Live!

2020 was a year to get cozy while doing the things you love, wasn’t it?  Well since it looks like we’re going to keep being cozy well into 2021, why not do it in super “support your local music school” style?

The MAMS Swag Store is open with plenty of designs to delight musicians and the parents who love them.  If you want to be loud about your support, there are the MAMS Circle logo designs – anyone within a block radius will know where you go for your music learning needs!  If you want to be more subtle, there are “MAMS parent” and “MAMS fam” designs that are much less overstated but still very cool.

The store also includes some seasonal offerings and an homage to legendary musicians that put New Jersey on the map.  We hope to add even more special designs as the year goes on, so check back occasionally!

Miss Anna herself has already test run a few different styles of tops and they’re all super comfy!  Finally, don’t be fooled by the images on the stores home page.  For clarity’s sake, we’ve only featured a few different styles for each design, but most of the designs are available on nearly a dozen different styles for children, men and women!  We even included a face mask and a pet hoodie (though unfortunately, the pet hoodie is out of stock at the moment, sorry to all our furry friends!).

Unlike our last sale, the MAMS Swag store is open indefinitely so there’s no deadline to order by….. but why wait?  Order today!