Dive deep into the musical world with Lab Lessons

The school year is right around the corner and we here at MAMS are looking forward to a return to a somewhat normal school year. *fingers crossed*

With that, we are continuing to offer online lessons for all who are more comfortable with that option, but we are also happy to announce the return of our Lab lessons, which we, unfortunately, had to halt because of the pandemic.

Lab lessons are triple the fun of a regular private lesson at the exact same price.  Here’s how they work.

  1. Three students sign up for the same 60-minute spot.
  2. At Lab, students cycle through three workstations, which includes their lesson time.
  3. Students gain a deeper understanding of music and have a ton of fun in the process through hands-on activities and educational games.

From the teacher’s perspective, the lab lesson (formerly called 20/20/20 lessons) encapsulates everything we love most about one on one teaching.  In a regular private lesson, the teacher is able to tailor their teaching style to the student’s needs and interests.  The lab lesson goes a step further by incorporating hands-on activities that play into a child’s learning style.  Through written and listening activities, plus games and projects students can engage with on the iPad, we can improve their weaknesses, solidify their strengths, and explore their interests.  The world of music is vast and wide, and the Lab lesson gives us the opportunity to explore more of it.

From the parent’s perspective, the lab lesson simply gives you a better return on investment.  Studies have shown that students just learn better when they’re having fun.  Now, we work very hard to create a welcoming environment where we offer fun lessons here at Miss Anna’s Music School, but the Lab Lesson is one of the best ways to accomplish that.  Lab lessons also give students the opportunity to meet other children their age with the same interest in music that they have.  One of the things I didn’t like about lessons as a child was the way that practicing took me away from my neighborhood friends, none of whom played any kind of musical instrument.  But when I met kids in high school that were singers and piano players and guitarists, boy did my outlook change!  We may all love music, but years of experience have told me that it’s always more fun with friends, and more fun when you make friends through music.

Lab lessons also give you back a little something as the parent.  Thirty minutes is a great amount of time for a one on one lesson, but there’s not much you can get done while your child is enjoying their lesson.  In 60 minutes, however, you can grocery shop, do a Target run, or possibly even go back home and work there!  While we are always happy to see you hanging out at the studio while you wait  (the Keurig is just as much for you as it is for us teachers), we know that you are busy parents and may appreciate having the time to yourself to do what you need.

Music lessons work best when the child is interested and engaged in the content.  Whether that is through a traditional private lesson, through our Lab Lessons or through one of our group classes, our only goal is to ensure that your child is learning well and having fun doing it.  So…. what can we sign you up for today?